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NGO Association Mission Dog has been founded in Ticino, Switzerland and is only including volunteers.
The association has the goal of preservation and protection of animals against abuse and abandonment where we focus our activities on pets as well as on the social solidarity between people and animals.
Our expertise brought us to Bulgaria, a country facing grave economic and social problems where animal rights for sure do not take the top of the agenda of both authorities and population.
During the period 1998 – 2006, over 140 000 dogs were slaughtered, furthermore no result whatsoever has been thus achieved on the population over the course of time. As a result of this slaughter, the image of Bulgarian society has been vastly compromised. Even today, in 2013, the situation over here is not quite different from what it used to be some 7 years ago. The issue with homeless dogs still exists and proper action should be taken to address it.
This association appeared as a response to a series of calls for help from a number of different independent animal rights organizations which, for all their strenuous efforts to help homeless animals and combat abuse of dogs and cats, still face daily dramatic examples of animal suffering.
We can only commend the hard work of those young people who earned our trust and support in feeding, neutering and fight against violence towards stray dogs and cats.
Our goals are:
- Improving the living conditions in the existing structures;
- Starting a new structure to care for and provide temporary shelter until definitive solution is found;
- Funding of neutering campaigns;
- Support for campaigns that would increase the awareness of the homeless pets issues.