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If you run a shop, a bar, a pharmacy, a saloon or any other place with big traffic, you can request that a Mission Dog cash box is put in your establishment by sending an e-mail to info @mission-dog.com, or call phone number + 41 91 6057525.

The primary target group is the pet shops that sell animal food and accessories, vet centres and centers for pets bathing and haircut (you cannot put a cash box in a shop which sells pets).

A member of our association will get in touch with you to deliver to your place the cash box as well as informational materials (brochures, bulletins, etc.).

How to transfer the cash in the box to MissionDog?

If you live in Ticino, you can call us on the phone when the cash box is full and a member of our association will come by to collect the cash or you will be handed over a money deposit slip to transfer the cash in the box to our post account where the name of the shop has to be specified.

We thank you all that decided to help!

  • Estetica Mima, Viganello
  • Portofinos, Lugano
  • Sunflower, Agnuzzo
  • Mio Bio, Caslano
  • Pasta & Ravioli, Locarno