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Recipient: Associazione Mission Dog Onlus

In rural areas of Bulgaria, people would often pick a dog from the street (of course a grown- up specie and if possible in good physical condition), to put it on a chain and make it a keeper of the fields and the poultry.

As the autumn would come, the underfed and sometimes sick dog would be let go and free to join other stray dogs. Any kind of care, attention and gratitude or reward for the work of the trusty helper are out of the question.

Given such adverse conditions, the task of volunteers is really daunting. It is also heartbreaking to decide which dog to be given a helping hand and which to  be left to agonize on the streets. Decisions are hard to take in such conditions. All decisions are thus forced, for  lack of a structure that has sufficient capacity.

Hence, we see critical necessity of a larger-scale structure for the region of the city of Burgas. Together with local volunteers we have allocated a suitable site – an old barn. The dimensions of the site would allow erecting a shelter that would have capacity to accommodate at least 250 dogs which will find home there together with the animals now living in the current shelter.

This kind of activities are being done in conformity with European directives and we are willing to keep to these regulations in order to be able to attract other volunteer groups and organizations as well.

We hope to purchase this terrain as soon as possible so that we are able to schedule the activities accounting for the raised funds. The price of the land together with the building is 50 000 Swiss francs /40 000 Euro.

The project is setting the bar quite high but it aims to consolidate and invest the donations in  a single unit of great importance, which will also preserve the value for times ahead.

You can also contribute to the new shelter in the city of Burgas. A house is made of bricks so every donation – no matter how big it is – matters a lot!